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The Solution to All Your Problems performs as a two piece guitar duo, singing original folk rock, rock, and blues plus covers from the American songbook.

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What We Believe

Everyone deserves love: from on the margins of society, to the rich, to the poor, to the broken, to those who have made terrible mistakes, and especially to those who suffer with anger and hate in their heart. Judgment and accusation have led us down a dark path, but love is the great transformer. We are rising because we refuse the lie and choose love, because we are made of good and beautiful stock. Humanity is not some evil and vile infestation on the earth. We are beauty and light, stewards of the earth and cosmos, full of spirit, and a fire to bring life to everything we touch, just like our loving Creator.

About Us

Mark and Bo both grew up independently obsessed with the same things: music and performance. During the few years they began a musical collaboration, having fun with friends at campfires and local venues. But they wanted more, the power to rule the world. Wait. Scratch that. But they wanted more, an opportunity to play and perform the numerous songs they had written over the years. That combined with their mutual drive to spread messages of love and acceptance led to their musical collab: The Solution to All Your Problems.