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By D.Bove and E. Gumbrecht 


 Spindrift         Spindrift

Tiajuana mama take a look at me 

I’m goin’ back to the place I was meant to be 

Ain’t got no money and I got no soul 

I’m still the same fool that had to roll…

 Spindrift         Spindrift


Sweet Angelina (still) looks so fine 

As if she somehow stepped out of time 

But me I’ve gotten so lost and old 

Come Angelina, I’m so cold.  

 Spindrift         Spindrift


Oooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo Oooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo

I’m just mist off the ocean baby, I’m just spray off the sea 

Rolling around. Rolling around. 

But I remember a time when you said  you’ld be mine and it was so     fine     so      fine 

 Spindrift         Spindrift



Sweet Angelina take me home,  

I’ll show you what you’ve always owned 

Fire and ice and sun and rain,   

I’m coming where I’m home again. 

 Spindrift         Spindrift